About NAU


NAU - Semper a Aprender (always learning) is the technical publishing infrastructure and course monitoring services for large audiences oriented towards Public Administration and Higher Education.

This platform was created within the scope of the NAU Project, started on October 1, 2017 with partners:

  • FCT;

NAU Plataform

National initiative, led by FCT, for the construction and operation of a technical and operational infrastructure to support the publication and promotion of content for large audiences, namely, in MOOC format. This initiative, which cuts across different ministries and is open to society, will make it possible to develop training actions for a greater number of employees and citizens.


The NAU Platform allows Public Administration to approach citizens in general, both in order to improve their own services and to make information easier for citizens to reach. Higher education institutions now have a medium with a great impact that will allow reaching new students, making scientific dissemination and increasing international visibility.


Provides access to online courses promoted by entities adhering to the NAU Platform. Users enjoy access to high quality content in a collaborative environment in which knowledge is offered and the possibility to improve their skills. At the end of each course, upon successful completion, a certificate of completion is available which can be shared on social networks.

The NAU Platform intends to stimulate a community of content production in an online course format for large audiences, usually called MOOC 'Massive Open Online Course' courses. Entities from the academic and scientific system, from public administration and private institutions that wish to value the skills of large communities, can join NAU and support this knowledge sharing initiative.

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