Nursing School of Porto

About us

ESEP is a non-integrated polytechnic higher education institution, devoted to the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate nursing courses, located in Porto, Portugal.

It was created on the 1st January 2007 and it is the result of the merger between three other higher education nursing institutions from Porto: Escola Superior de Enfermagem de D. Ana Guedes, Escola Superior de Enfermagem Cidade do Porto and Escola Superior de Enfermagem São João.

ESEP has always been committed to nursing education, and its origins date as far as 15 June 1896, when the nursing diploma was created at Hospital Geral de Santo António. It is one of the oldest nursing schools in the country. June 15 is for that reason celebrated as the school’s official day.

In line with the mid-20th century technical and healthcare developments, the first public school in nursing was created in Porto, in 1954 and, more recently, in 1983, a new school dedicated to specialised nursing training was founded.

It is the history of Escola Superior de Enfermagem do Porto (ESEP) and the successful merger of the three schools, that makes it possible to take advantage of the best each school had to offer. The result is an innovative school opened to the community, and a reference in nursing education and research with a very supportive teaching environment, enabling nursing education to play a more significant and intervening role with a strong impact on health and wellbeing.