About us

Cenjor - Professional Training Protocol Center for Journalists was created through Ordinance No. 667/86, of November 7 and is the result of a protocol signed between the Institute of Employment and Professional Training (IEFP), the Directorate-General for Communication Social, the Union of Journalists, the Daily Press Association and the Non-Daily Press Association (current Portuguese Press Association - API).

Cenjor's statutory bodies are: the Board of Directors, formed by four members and chaired by a representative from the Institute of Employment and Professional Training; the Technical-Pedagogical Council, made up of representatives of grantors, trainers and universities where journalism is taught; the Audit and Audit Committee; and the Director.

By its statutes, contained in the protocol, Cenjor is a body endowed with legal personality under public law, with administrative and financial autonomy and its own assets, which has the task of promoting education and professional training activities. In 1998, Cenjor was accredited for the first time as a Training Entity, within the scope of the National System of Accreditation of Training Entities. As a Center for Participated Management of IEFP, whose creation diploma provides for the development of professional training activities, it is covered by Article 4 of Ordinance No. 851/2010, of 6 September, which revoked Ordinance no. 782/97, of 29 August, on the accreditation system.