Gabinete Nacional de Segurança – GNS

About us

The mission of the GNS is to guarantee the security of classified information at the national level and of the international organizations of which Portugal is a party, and to exercise the function of accreditation authority for people and companies for the access and handling of classified information, as well as the accreditation authority and inspection of entities operating within the scope of the State's Electronic Certification System - Public Key Infrastructure (SCEE).

Within the scope of the GNS, the National Cybersecurity Center operates, hereinafter referred to as CNCSeg, whose mission is to help the country use cyberspace in a free, reliable and safe way, by promoting the continuous improvement of national cybersecurity and the international cooperation, in conjunction with all competent authorities, as well as the implementation of the measures and instruments necessary to anticipate, detect, react and recover situations that, in view of the imminence or occurrence of incidents or cyber attacks, jeopardize the functioning of the infrastructures criticisms and national interests.